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Tuesday, October 28

An Englishman's Castle - New URL 

To get away from Blogspot I am moving this blog to:

I will have the kettle on and crumpets warming by the fire so you will be made very welcome; please adjust your bookmarks and come on over.

Monday, October 27

P800 Sony Ericsson Ligula 

Reading my Roman history and using my P800 phone at the same time made me wonder?



A ligula was an instrument with a narrow cup-shaped scoop at one end. It may have been used as a medical probe, or as an ear scoop or for picking up small quantities of ointment (medical or cosmetic) from jars.

A Dad's Nightmare 

Boy, 8, dies in game of Tarzan: "A boy of eight died after becoming entangled in a rope while playing a game of Tarzan at his tree-house."

The poor father of this boy has all my sympathies and my admiration because he came out and said that you can't wrap children in cotton wool all the time if they are going to grow up and enjoy life, and sometimes accidents happen. And that is the truth.

(#1 I mention only the Dad because he is the only one to be featured in the press, and in no way do I mean to not recognise the devestation such a loss has on the rest of the family - but I also guess it was Dad who built the tree-house etc and so his feelings of guilt will be tremendous.)

(#2 I know of what I speak here though through luck and modern medicine my sons are alive and well.)

German plans show drive for unified Euro-army 

EUobserver: "Germany is pushing for the creation of a fully-fledged Euro-army, according to plans obtained by the Conservative Party in Britain, writes the Telegraph. This revelation is likely to send ripples of concern through Britain, one of the more sceptical member states - over close military co-operation in Europe.

The memorandum, written by senior Germany army officials on the future of European defence, allegedly suggests that a European army should have joint structures that go beyond the ones already in place.

The document adds, 'The army would report to the EU government and to the EU Parliament. Through a deployment law Parliament should decide if deploying troops is an option or not.'"

"The plans also have the backing of France and Belgium, according to the Telegraph."

Well at least the uniforms might be smart, His Tonyness claims to be against it but the ratchet still clicks towards it. Time to release the pawl with whatever it takes.

Saturday, October 25

IRA 'sorry' for Disappeared 

BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | IRA 'sorry' for Disappeared: "The IRA has apologised for the grief caused to the families of the so-called Disappeared. "

So that's all right now then - No it f***ing isn't.

Friday, October 24

Nanny State - eh? 

Came across pages of advice about Halloween from the Canadian Health busybodies - someone gets paid to write and publish all this stuff - but as always "it's for the children" so thats OK then...

It is all probably sensible advice, but if you are an anxious parent you will be able to look after your kids already, and if you don't care then a po-faced web site isn't going to make a difference. And Jesus wept, let the kids eat real sweets one night of the year!

Health Canada - Halloween

October 31 can be a chilly night so make sure that costumes are loose enough to be worn over warm clothing but not so baggy or long that trick or treaters can trip over their costumes.

Trick-or-treaters should wear sturdy walking shoes.

Make-up and face paint are better than wearing masks which can restrict breathing and/or vision. If you choose to use a mask make sure it is one that allows the child to see and breathe easily.

Swords, knives and similar accessories should be made of soft, flexible material.

You might want to offer an alternative to sugar-based treats. Gum should be sugarless. Stickers, multicoloured pencils or beads can be a nice surprise in place or in addition to traditional treats

A Must Read. 

The new blog EnviroSpin Watch has become an essential daily read.

The ecoterrorists and enviroidiots are becoming one of the biggest threats to peace and prosperity the world has known - A bit strong? No - the Greens are killing millions with their halfwitted policies, and that isn't very nice for those killed and out of pure self interest doesn't make for a safe and prosperous world to live in.

When they can they plan to feature a guest essay from a famous writer or scientist. The first is from one the world's most popular science writers, Matt Ridley, celebrated for his many fine books. Any Cance to read matt Ridley should be grabbed - so go to it!

Thursday, October 23

All the usual suspects. 

EU Commissioner Backs Irish Smoking Ban: "EU Commissioner Backs Irish Smoking Ban
Source: Reuters Health, 2003-08-04

"Irish plans to stamp out smoking in public places were backed on Monday by the European Union 's (EU) top health official, who also accused the tobacco industry of aiming products at youth.
The ban, proposed by Irish Health Minister Micheal Martin, would take effect from early 2004 despite fears from the bar and restaurant industry that profits will be hit.
'Are we going to put into the balance the health of the public against profits? I am sure the population of Ireland and other places in the EU (don't) want (that),' said Health and Consumer Affairs Commissioner David Byrne, who is Irish.
'I believe the tobacco industry is manipulating and misleading people and targeting young people and adolescents because they realize that if they get them young, they're hooked,' he told a news conference at the 12th World Conference on Tobacco or Health in the Finnish capital"

OK where to start?

EU involvement.
Banning smoking in Bars - I don't smoke but give the freedom to chose.
Profits - a dirty word.
Industry -a dirtier word.
Its for the children - yeah.
People are being manipulated and mislead - by safty Nazis like you Mister.

Are the Irish smokers too lilly livered not to stand up to this -

THE wine-cup is circling in Almhin's hall,
And its Chief, 'mid his heroes reclining,
Looks up, with a sigh to the trophied wall,
Where his sword hangs idly shining.
When, hark, that shout
From the vale without --
"Arm ye quick, the Dane, the Dane is nigh!"
Every Chief starts up
From his foaming cup,
And "To battle, to battle!" is the Finian's cry.


This is a public service announcement about the sighting of an enemy.

Read - Silly burgers for the full details, I will just quotye the quotes they talk about.

"People are incapable of saying no to junk food and other health risks, and it is the duty of the State to influence them, according to a senior public health official.
In defence of the "nanny state", Professor Dr John Ashton, regional director of public health in the North West, said yesterday that government intervention was needed to protect those incapable of protecting themselves. "Individuals cannot protect themselves from bioterrorism, epidemics of Sars, the concerted efforts of the junk food industry, drug dealers and promoters of tobacco and alcohol," he said."

"He has three grown-up sons, but recently became a father again with his partner Maggi Morris, 47, a director of public health in Preston. Their baby has been named Fabian Che Jed, after the Fabian Society, Che Guevara and the Old Testament prophet Jedediah."

Wednesday, October 22

News from Norway 

Just catching up with a story about the Great Virgin Hair Robbery, as one does when I noticed the next two headlines on the page:

Norway world leader in casual sex:
UN: Its best to live in Norway:

Any connection I wonder...

Tuesday, October 21

Boost your student loan! 

I thought I would give this a bit of publicity - just in case there any younsters reading this old fogey...

Institute of Economic Affairs: "Student Essay Competition - Entries must be submitted by Wednesday 10th December 2003
21 October 2003
An essay contest for students aged 18 or under. £1000 for first place and three £500 winners
Demonstrate your understanding of principles of economics by answering ONE of the following questions in 1500 words or less:

*Is the concept of a 'Mixed Economy' flawed? If so, why? If not, why not?

*Can government regulation fine-tune a capitalist economy? If not, why? If so, under what circumstances?

*What is meant by 'Market Failure' and 'Government Failure'? How should we choose which of these two institutions should undertake what roles in the economy?

Entries should be submitted by email to Christine Blundell

Mailing address for postal entries is:

Christine Blundell
2,Lord North Street
SW1P 3LB."

BBC NEWS | The far-right Swiss People's Party  

I don't know much about the Swiss People's Party but the BBC calls them far-right, but from the BBC site they appear to only be far-right if you are of the BBC mindset - here is the links and the "crimes they are accused of believing in.

"Opposed to European Union membership
Accused of racism after saying drugs controlled by 'Albanians and black Africans'
Used the word 'negro' in campaign poster "

Maybe the overwhelming victory is actually because of the reasons noted by:
"The BBC's Imogen Foulkes:
"The promises to lower tax and stay away from the European Union were well received"."