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Saturday, August 2

bic runga Driving home pissed from the pub the radio played one of Bic Runga's songs - perfect match of time and place. I'm a bit ahead of the game because the record is only going to be released in the UK in Sept 03. I bought it a couple of months ago after following an internet discussion on why people dont buy records. The gist of the argument was, they dont buy new records because they are crap and all internet downloading does is allow you to check out how crap they are before buying. - and then the arguer mentioned Bic Runga as the sort of artist that wasn't crap. So I downloaded a couple of songs and liked them so I bought the CD.

So bollocks to the record company, without internet downloads i would never had heard of Bic and wouldn't have bought a couple of CDs.

Thursday, July 31

IHT: Commentary: How Weber's 'Protestant Ethic' explains U.S. edge over Europe I thought it interesting to multiply up the various factors which indicate why Americans are getting richer compared to Europeans. - I attach it as spreadsheet but simply, on average more Americans work, they work for longer on and they pay less tax. In rough figures every American benefits from 1.8 hours a day of untaxed work compared to a Frenchman's 0.9 hours.

Wednesday, July 30

HTTP 404 Not Found - well that great idea about using Free Market intelligence only lasted a a day, the outrage coming from all the usual quarters.

Tuesday, July 29

Institute of Economic Affairs: " Parallels between the early British railways and the ICT revolution

The IEA's latest publication is essential reading for anybody interested in the so-called 'new economy'."
PAM Concept Overview Free Market Intelligence! Analysts often use prices from various markets as indicators of potential events. The use of petroleum futures contract prices by analysts of the Middle East is a classic example. The Policy Analysis Market (PAM) refines this approach by trading futures contracts that deal with underlying fundamentals of relevance to the Middle East.
TCS: Enviro-Sci - Here Comes the Sun Carbon dioxide, the main culprit in the alleged greenhouse-gas warming, is not a "driver" of climate change at all!