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Friday, August 8

Crop Circle at Walkers Hill, nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 4th AugustĀ  2003.: " The wonderful swallow like shapes send a clear ecological message and an inspiration to us all. "

Eh? - I live less than two miles from here so take a keen interest in circles - even get the occasional one in my fields, fascinating , wonderful bits of art etc, obviously man made. But this tofu head is getting an ecological message from some stamped down wheat, woof woof barking as Bob the Dog would say.

Wednesday, August 6

History time:

Here's an example of where militant middle eastern religous fanatics start a revolt to gain control of what they consider to be their country and free it from unbelievers and foreign rule. The British were the bad guys in this and it was back in 1944, and even though there was a war on (remember) the terrorists were the Jews and they engaged in an armed struggle - including the assassination of Lord Moyne.

And the terrorist leader Menahem Begin became a respected world leader.

The official site of ETZEL claims that:
"Now, that the British Archives have been opened, it is obvious that the armed fight against the British, in which the Irgun took a prominent part, had a decisive role in their withdrawal from the country."

And the same thing is happening in Ulster; and yet we bleat on that we will never give in, terrorists won't win because we expect them not to be able to read our own history better than us.

Tuesday, August 5

American Digest: "at bottom, the Libertarian philosophy is one of the primal energy sources of the Net and that, from time to time, all things must return to it for renewal. Darpanet, Usenet, Internet, Web, Blogworld -- a continuous evolution with the same deep foundation; the same political dreams of the Founders. No, not everyone using the Net is a Libertarian. Not even close. But, at its deepest core the Net is libertarian. Why? Because much of the basic deep software on which the Net runs was written by people with a deep Libertarian bent. Not a bad thing, but a true thing. In fact the Internet, in all its manifestations, is the closest thing to a libertarian world that the libertarians are ever likely to have."

Monday, August 4

What Goes Around Comes Around: "The BBC reports that British Prime Minister Tony Blair is about to be charged as a war criminal by the Greek Bar Association before the International Criminal Court. Dimitris Paxinos, president of the lawyers' association, told the BBC that Blair will be charged with 'crimes against humanity and war crimes.'""Unfortunately for Tony Blair, he created the precedent for extraditing heads of state - (Tony ain't head of state even if he thinks he is). The Blair government arrested Chile's Augusto Pinochet and ruled that Pinochet could be extradited to Spain on specious charges brought by a Spanish prosecutor."

And remember that Tony signed us up to the European Arrest warrant ..."Mr Blair told MPs on Wednesday that the Tory objection to the warrant was to the word "European" in the title. He added: "It is manifestly in this country's interest to have a fast-track procedure for extraditing people to this country from European countries. What this will do is simplify the procedure enormously."

The arrest warrant will mean the abolition of the "dual criminality" rule that currently prevents the extradition of a suspect for an offence not recognised as a crime in this country."

What comes around comes around - with luck.

LNSG: National Socialist Library: Environment "This collection of sources reveals the interconnectedness of Nazi ideals and environmentalist values." - Which comes as no surprise to anyone who knows about the Green movement.