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Friday, August 29

Moore's Law - The immorality of the Ten Commandments. By Christopher Hitchens: "fighting words A wartime lexicon.

Moore's Law
The immorality of the Ten Commandments.
By Christopher Hitchens
Posted Wednesday, August 27, 2003, at 2:04 PM PT


One is presuming (is one not?) that this is the same god who actually created the audience he was addressing. This leaves us with the insoluble mystery of why he would have molded ("in his own image," yet) a covetous, murderous, disrespectful, lying, and adulterous species. Create them sick, and then command them to be well? What a mad despot this is, and how fortunate we are that he exists only in the minds of his worshippers.

It's obviously too much to expect that a Bronze Age demagogue should have remembered to condemn drug abuse, drunken driving, or offenses against gender equality, or to demand prayer in the schools. Still, to have left rape and child abuse and genocide and slavery out of the account is to have been negligent to some degree, even by the lax standards of the time. I wonder what would happen if secularists were now to insist that the verses of the Bible that actually recommend enslavement, mutilation, stoning, and mass murder of civilians be incised on the walls of, say, public libraries? There are many more than 10 commandments in the Old Testament, and I live for the day when Americans are obliged to observe all of them, including the ox-goring and witch-burning ones. (Who is Judge Moore to pick and choose?)

Captain Euro is going to save us all - I think this post on courrèges is more convincing - for instance "Captain Euro clearly deserved to die. Frankly, the guy's a crypto-Nazi. As explained here, Captain Euro wears a pentagram on his uniform that symbolizes "strength through unity," a motto used frequently by Germany's Nazi Party. The fact that Captain Euro's creator didn't see anything wrong with appropriating a popular Nazi motto to describe the EU is scary on many levels that I won't go into here. Just use your imagination."

Thursday, August 28

Bayer Hazard Tossers - I met with a protest march of (ten maybe twelve) people in Newbury yesterday. A bunch of middle class boys whose mummies had brought them into town in their big cars and could spare the time to get on the streets, man, because they were on holiday from some media studies course at a former polytechnic.

I told them that GM was the best chance for little black babies and that they were a bunch of white racists, which didn't go down well :)