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Saturday, September 6

There is so much bollocks being talked about the bad harvest pushing up bread prices when the price of wheat is still lower than it was twenty years ago. So I started to look on the web for what is going on. The french are revolting about it as usual - bollocks to them, let them eat cake - and then I came across this snippet from Italy (the euro is being blamed as well and I think that there may be a case where euro price rises are being blamed on the bad harvest, which is the fault of global warming which is casused by Americans) - any way this guy seems to understand what is happening but the last sentence shows the ingrained state control mentality!

(AGI) - Rome, Italy, Aug.19 - The price of bread depends almost entirely on items other than the cost of wheat, and it is totally unjustified to say that there could be price rises due to the drought. That's what Coldiretti asserted, pointing out that about 1 kg of wheat (800 gr. of flour) is needed to make 1 kg of bread. Wheat costs 16-18 cents per kilo, whereas bread costs 1.50 euro per kilo, with wheat representing only 12 pct of the finished product price. Hence, an improbable 20 pct increase in the price of wheat would lead to a 2.4 pct price rise of bread.
Similar situation for many other products such as pasta, fruit juices, wine, milk, cheeses, meat, fruit and vegetables: the price paid by customers is from 2 to 10 times greater than the one paid by producers for the raw material, and is often due to industrial processing, packaging and transport. There should not be unjustified price rises, reports Coldiretti. Droughts and frost are becoming a frequent alibi. That's why we need that the national price watchdogs be efficient, financed by taxpayers and consisting of representatives from all sectors, to avoid general price rises and inevitable importation from foreign markets. (AGI)"

Wednesday, September 3

Across the Atlantic: Things you wish you could say at work
Welcome to a great new blog - I was going to publish this first story myself but got distracted -Free Market Fairy Tales

Monday, September 1

Watched some of an excellent tv program last night about Diana Mosley - I shouldn't have been surprised that:
Oswald Mosley: "After the war Mosley and Diana Mosley established Euphorion Books in an attempt to publish the work of right-wing authors. Diana also edited the far-right magazine, The European. In 1947 Mosley formed the Union Movement which advocated British integration in Europe "
News: "'During the doctors' strike in the 1970s, death rates fell'"

Why doesn't that surprise me..