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Friday, September 19

Twats of the week.

I feel the old Tourette's syndrom about to break out again reading this heap of euroweeny rubbish How Europe sees the Bush Administration But then thank God that I'm an Englishman not an Urinepean.
Europeans who want to see an economic recovery will have to watch it on TV'

EUobserver: "The euro zone is set to grow five times slower than the US this year, according to new projections from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in their latest economic report - released yesterday in Dubai.

Whilst the US economy, with expected growth of 3.2 percent this year, is dragging the World economy out of its present slump, the euro zone, with a sluggish 0.5 percent growth projection this year, is dragging it back down.

Moreover, recovery in the 12-country zone is expected to be slower than expected. Presenting the report, the IMF's Chief Economist, Ken Rogoff, said, 'for the moment, most Europeans who want to see an economic recovery will have to watch it on TV'. "

Thursday, September 18

Big Brother plans on UK Internet usage.

Where do I start.

The plan by the Govt to "retain every email and web page accessed" for a year.
The ISP opposition to it based on only on its utility 'The government has not satisfied the industry that the data they wish to retain is of use to law enforcement agencies"
The oh so obvious reference to kiddie porn and drugs.

Just read it and get angry. | New media | Web firms rubbish ministers' email plan: "Web firms rubbish ministers' email plan

And then The Register: comes up witha story as well "Kids charities demand ID parade for pre-paid punters" and you dont even have to read it to know the contents.

UK child protection charities yesterday called for the mandatory registration of pre-paid mobile phones amid concern that paedophiles could use untraceable mobiles to access the Web.

The Children's Charities' Coalition on Internet Safety (CHIS), a group of seven leading UK charities, wants to extend the safeguards that apply to establishing an Internet account to mobile phones. They want service providers to compile a register so that paedophiles are not able to shelter under the cloak of anonymity in accessing chatrooms or to visit illicit Web sites.

"Mobile operators are going to have to change their policy with regard to pre-paid phones," Jon Carr, Internet Director of children's charity NCH, told the FT.

Blah de blah

CHIS' proposals on the mandatory registration of pre-paid mobile phones are an extension of its manifesto about self-regulation of new content on mobiles, published last month, and available from the NCH Web site here.

Personally I'm more worried about the wholesale buggery and perversion that goes on in Children's homes run by such charities - If my kids were suddenly orphaned and destitute I would prefer thaty were handed out to the first stranger than get in to such hands - the odds would be better they would have a wholesome life.

Wednesday, September 17

Kim du Toit kindly notes an email I sent him and being the gentleman he is only hints at my horrific tales of the NHS - when I have the time and the anger I will relay them here.
Inward Investment into the UK - and the effect of staying out of the euro.

So Britain in Europe say its collapsing based on 2003 figures-

"no" says its not - but base that on 2002 figures

The figures are on:

UK is down, Germany is down more, Sweden is up from the USA - in fact I
can't see any pattern that links to the euro or pound. And all you need is
Vodafone buying a telco and it tilts it all another way.

So a pox on both their houses
Great news from "Adam Smith"

"Today (yes, today) we launch our new Adam Smith weblog. A first among UK
think-tanks, it is a fast-moving forum for comment and opinion, bringing
free-market, free-society ideas to a new -- and large -- blogging world.
We've some good pieces up already, so post your comments (just click on the
'comment' buttons); suggest new topics; be outraged; but above all, think.
Visit the blog now at "

This is definitely a daily visit one. Well done.
An email from a europhile friend....


Some good quotes here. My favourite is:

Pascal Lamy, the EU's trade commissioner and a
French national, this month rebuked Jean-Pierre
Raffarin, the French prime minister, for
ridiculing the Commission for doing its legal
duty to uphold the EU's stability pact.
"Characterising Brussels as a heartless Scrooge,
obsessed with accounting and punctiliously
enforcing rigid rules, is a bit facile," he said.

So that's what the FRENCH prime minister thinks
about Brussels.


Philippe de Schoutheete, former Belgian permanent
representative to the EU and now an adviser to
the European Commission on the constitutional
negotiations, believes the Swedish result is not
entirely negative.
"We do not want people in [the euro] who are
half-hearted," he says, "or who are there for the
wrong reasons.
"The plague of Europe for 30 years has been that
Britain and Denmark joined on false assumptions:
[they believed] it was all economic and not
political. It is better not to have countries in
the eurozone [that] are there reluctantly."

But that is the lie we are told all the time by our leaders - "it is just economic there is no political side to the euro"

Tuesday, September 16

$7.5m to set up a dope farm, no hassle from the cops and they still can grow a decent smoke - thats the government for you...First Patients of Canada's Government-Approved Marijuana Demand Their Money Back - from Tampa Bay Online
Worth supporting, though His Toniness wont allow a referendum which he might lose and this one he would!

"The Rally for a Referendum : will be held on
Friday 7 November 2003 at Church House, Westminster. Its purpose is to examine and publicise the constitutional and legal significance of the EU Constitutional Treaty and to press for a referendum of the British people on its ratification. "
Briton's dash from Spain beat mother's ambulance to hospital 10 miles away.

I was going to comment on this but Kim du Toit has already said it better than I can.

Living in England nothing surprises me about the NHS anymore.

Several years ago my then wife and I were staying in an NHS hospital with the son and heir in intensive care after an horrendous accident - my wife suffered a miscarriage through the shock and even though we were in the room next door to the A&E entrance they could not find her a doctor - I had to put her in the car and drive across the city to another hospital where we failed to get any treatment or diagnosis either.

She became stoical about this as the baby was obviously dead by the end of that day - let's worry about our child on life support. Once he was home we got the gungy bit happening.

So we pay for the NHS and then anyone who can afford to pays again for a private system.

Monday, September 15

An apology

For years I have mistaken Sweden as being the archtypical socialist euroweeny nanny state. I now realise I was wrong and it is fact the home of a grand people who are brave defenders of national rights against the fascist tendancies of the Eurocrats and a crony government.

( Oh and did you notice that they have a "Don't know " option on the voluntary ballot - and 2% went to the booth to register that they didn't know what they were doing there!)