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Saturday, October 18


David Blaine who cares? I have been proud of the way nearly the entire British nation has treated him, as a joke. I think he believed he would get "respect" - no he got eggs thrown.

See also a heavy article on what a twat he is Jesus Christ, David Blaine, Bobby Sands and Orson Welles.

(Only good point is that he has pissed off those who hold the memory of Bobby Sands sacred.)

-- Reading the above it is ironic that Blaines stunt is described as "beyond the pale" - Pale, in this case, comes from the Latin palus : a stake in the ground to mark a territory. The expression, beyond the pale, means outside the rules of society or civilized behavior. It originates from the boundary around Dublin when Dublin was under British rule and the rest of Ireland was only nominally. So to be pedantic it is the IRA who are beyond the pale in this, and probably every other, case.

Hunting Declaration 

The Hunting Declaration - 1st November - It isn't just about hunting, it's about liberty and standing up against unjust laws.

Friday, October 17 reports on the irony that traditional history teaching was "abandoned in the 1970s for a more pick-and-mix, bring-it-alive and never-mind-when-exactly-it-happened approach to history, and the only bit that kids now want to pick is The Nazis."

And now our German partners in the EU are complaining and the British Education Minister (Labour Europhile) is agreeing with them.

"How huge an irony would that be? The very people who have worked hardest to beat British national pride out of Britain, namely the teaching profession and the theorisers of teaching who have been guiding them, have ended up with a kind of History that says only one thing: Germany bollocks!! Don't want nothing to do with them bastards!!! As a result these anti-historical history persons, mostly rabidly pro-EU on anti-British grounds, could be achieving what looked impossible as recently as only a decade ago, namely the saving of Britain from permanent EUro-subjugation.

Lefty bastard enemies of British History, we hail you, the savours of British national independence."

Family fun at the machine-gun range. 

OpinionJournal - Leisure & Arts: "A casualty list from the Knob Creek Gun Range, which hosted one of the country's largest machine-gun shoots this past weekend, would look something like this: Two dozen old appliances. A dozen junked cars. Tens of thousands of rounds of spent ammunition. Zero people."

"These statistics will be disturbing to the myopic antigun crowd, which fails to recognize the millions of rounds fired safely every year, including the tens of thousands fired at this twice-yearly event that draws everyday folks from as far away as California and Florida."

Kim du Toit - Right as ever 

I imagine, Dear Reader, that you read Kim on a daily basis - if not you should - but whatever else you do you MUST read this article

Kim du Toit - "Imagine if an American president said that the United States was going to subjugate its Constitution to one drawn up by the United Nations -- and refused to allow a vote on the subject.

Can you say 'armed rebellion', children? Thought so.

Yet that's precisely what Oily Heap Of Shit BritPM Tony Blair is trying to do with Britain and the European Union's constitution, in the face of 'concern' by the Queen (in diplo-speak, that's the equivalent of 'Are you crazy?'), and in spite of searing condemnation"


Spam Killer 

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Thursday, October 16

Like I care - stick to the sloppy seconds Ben! 

"Hollywood actor Ben Affleck has attacked US President George Bush's 'dangerous right-wing' policies, which he said were eroding civil liberties.

Speaking in Los Angeles, Affleck, 31, was accepting an award from political group, People For The American Way.

He received the Spirit of Liberty award for his work on behalf of children's rights and voter registration.

Affleck also compared the current state of US politics to the last days of the Roman Empire.

Referring to fellow film star Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent election as Governor of California, he compared "the dawn of the Schwarzenegger era in American politics" to the empire's decline.

Other stars attending the People For The American Way event included Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis and the Dixie Chicks.

- Jesus, where is a meteor strike when you need one, could have got a whole barn full of them!

BBC Bias against GM 

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | GM tests show danger to wildlife:

That's the headline - the story actually manages to be more balanced.

Straw says 'no case' for EU vote 

BBC NEWS | Politics | Straw says 'no case' for EU vote: "Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has insisted there is 'no case' for a referendum on the draft European constitution. Because the fundamental relationship between the United Kingdom and the EU will not be altered."

Let me translate:
"Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has insisted there is 'no case' for a referendum on the draft European constitution. Because the fundamental relationship between the United Kingdom and the EU will not be altered. we would lose it - oh and I'm lying through my teeth in the hope of keeping my job"

Gun crime rises in England and Wales 

Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage: Only 10,250 gun crimes so that is OK then. I'll leave it to my friend Michael over at Free Market Fairy Tales to expand on how grateful he is that the politicians have disarmed the population to make us all feel safe.

NHS - a tale of two systems. 

I have to say the care and attention we are receiving at our local hospital with our new born Mary Jane is exemplary and a wonderful part of the NHS ( we had to go to Bath hospital for a test and that is still chaotic and in the patient waiting area has the filthiest carpet I have ever seen - worse than the grottiest pub - I watched as the cleaner came in and tenderly cleaned the great god they all worship - the TV - but ignored the lumps of food on the floor).

But other parts of the NHS are still as bad as ever - this enterprising Granny mixed up fake blood from Cranberry Juice and Biscuits, called an ambulance and got her operation...

Times Online - Britain: "HERNIAS are very common, sometimes unpleasant, but almost never life-threatening. It is for this reason that operations to deal with them have some of the longest waiting times in the NHS.
The seven months that Mrs Litton waited for her operation is not uncommon, and in some parts of the country could have been longer.
Overall, nearly 30,000 patients are waiting more than six months for “general surgery”, under which hernias are classified. Of these, 7,565 wait more than nine months."

And if you are in a similar situation here is The Times advice:


Cranberry juice and digestive biscuits is not a classic recipe for fake blood but it could create a realistic congealed effect, according to a leading professional make-up artist (Patrick Barkham writes).

Julia Cruttenden, the principal of Greasepaint, an international school for stage, television and film make-up, said that she normally used washing-up liquid or golden syrup with red and yellow food colourings and a dash of coffee. Ms Cruttenden, who has been making fake blood for 25 years, heats the ingredients slightly to get them to mix.

She said: “Cranberry juice on its own might be a bit pink. You might get a nice congealed and scabby-looking blood with biscuits. Using biscuits might just work; I’ll have to try that.

“If you want runny blood you need washing-up liquid or golden syrup as a base to give it the right consistency. A bit of coffee works a treat because blood is browner than you think.”

"just a pale carbon copy of the British show." 

The US version of BBC2 comedy Coupling has been unceremoniously yanked from the NBC schedule after only three episodes, prompting fears about the show's future.The US translation of the BBC2 comedy has attracted criticism in the States for its frank and frequent references to sex - two TV stations even refused to broadcast the show.

However, perhaps the most damning comment from US critics - who have seen the original version of Coupling on digital cable channel BBC America - is that it is just a pale carbon copy of the British show."

Why is that shows are always remade - is it that the networks believe Americans are too dumb or parochial to understand - or bond with British actors? Is it something to do with royalties? Why don't the networks grow up and try the original on the audience?

Tuesday, October 14

Labour targets Anti-social behaviour 

BBC NEWS | Politics | Blunkett targets nuisance neighbours: "Neighbours who spoil the lives of law-abiding people in their communities will face tough action in a new campaign, Home Secretary David Blunkett has promised.
Under plans announced earlier this year, the worst offenders could be relocated, while others could see their tenancy contracts reduced from 12 to six months, be sent to parenting classes or issued with fixed penalty notices. "

Why am I uneasy about this new crusade?

Not just because this is a government that thinks there is nothing odd in giving the Egg Marketing Directorate full access to data gathered under anti-terrorism legislation, but because my definition of anti-social isn't theirs. And I doubt it is yours either.

Let me list a few possible antisocial behaviours, which do you think Mr Blunkett would clamp down on:

Playing loud music which is part of my culture, man.
Cleaning a legally held gun on your back porch.
Slaughtering a goat in the street as part of a religious festival.
Shooting a fox in your garden.
Having five kids from five different men, probably five but not really sure.
Rejecting the advice of social workers.
Taking the kids on holiday during the school term.
Home schooling.
Teaching your kids how to nick cars.
Teaching your kids how to shoot.
Chucking bricks at huntsmen.
Chucking eggs at Labour politicians.

- Put me down for being anti-social..

Sunday, October 12

"Free markets can hit economic growth"  

The New Scientist reports on a suggestion that developing nations need control to help them grow - it sounds a bit like the old liberal view that nanny knows best - and like the old racist imperialist view that "darkies can't run a bloody thing". I think they are heaping the blame on Free Trade when it actually shows the need for law and order, especially property rights. Still read on and see what you think.

"If developing countries join the global economy too soon, they risk becoming trapped in a cycle of poverty and corruption, a new analysis suggests.
A number of empirical studies have shown that poorer countries experience higher levels of corruption. Badly paid officials are easily tempted by bribes, the reasoning goes, while the well paid officials in richer nations risk losing their comfortable salaries if they are caught taking backhanders. But if corruption so bedevils developing nations, how do they escape and become rich?
Daniele Paserman, an economist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and his colleagues say they have found a simple answer. If a poor country opens up its economy to the outside world too quickly, the flow of money across its borders encourages corruption, which in turn hampers growth"

Sports headlines from the BBC this morning. 

Rugby Union | Lomu to receive honour Good - recognition for a great and brave man.

Football | Brave England qualify Bad - these soccer ponces wouldn't know bravery if they ever lifted their snouts out of the designer troughs long enought to look at the real world.