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Tuesday, October 28

An Englishman's Castle - New URL 

To get away from Blogspot I am moving this blog to:

I will have the kettle on and crumpets warming by the fire so you will be made very welcome; please adjust your bookmarks and come on over.

Monday, October 27

P800 Sony Ericsson Ligula 

Reading my Roman history and using my P800 phone at the same time made me wonder?



A ligula was an instrument with a narrow cup-shaped scoop at one end. It may have been used as a medical probe, or as an ear scoop or for picking up small quantities of ointment (medical or cosmetic) from jars.

A Dad's Nightmare 

Boy, 8, dies in game of Tarzan: "A boy of eight died after becoming entangled in a rope while playing a game of Tarzan at his tree-house."

The poor father of this boy has all my sympathies and my admiration because he came out and said that you can't wrap children in cotton wool all the time if they are going to grow up and enjoy life, and sometimes accidents happen. And that is the truth.

(#1 I mention only the Dad because he is the only one to be featured in the press, and in no way do I mean to not recognise the devestation such a loss has on the rest of the family - but I also guess it was Dad who built the tree-house etc and so his feelings of guilt will be tremendous.)

(#2 I know of what I speak here though through luck and modern medicine my sons are alive and well.)

German plans show drive for unified Euro-army 

EUobserver: "Germany is pushing for the creation of a fully-fledged Euro-army, according to plans obtained by the Conservative Party in Britain, writes the Telegraph. This revelation is likely to send ripples of concern through Britain, one of the more sceptical member states - over close military co-operation in Europe.

The memorandum, written by senior Germany army officials on the future of European defence, allegedly suggests that a European army should have joint structures that go beyond the ones already in place.

The document adds, 'The army would report to the EU government and to the EU Parliament. Through a deployment law Parliament should decide if deploying troops is an option or not.'"

"The plans also have the backing of France and Belgium, according to the Telegraph."

Well at least the uniforms might be smart, His Tonyness claims to be against it but the ratchet still clicks towards it. Time to release the pawl with whatever it takes.